Taxation in The Real Estate Market

The real estate industry is one of the most lucrative sectors in the market today. Investors from all over the globe are looking to invest in this industry. Some of the things that have made this sector attractive are the technological advancement and increase in financial opportunities. It is easier to raise money in the modern-day world, which was not the case a century back. There are also more opportunities for foreign investors to venture into new territories. 

According to reports, millennials make 34 percent of home buyers as of 2017. Millennials are the largest group of work force which may be the reason why their interest in home ownership is growing. So many people are buying properties that are above the market price. That is why Vantage One is committed to property tax analysis and reporting. 

What Does Vantage One Do?

Vantage One Tax Solutions is a company that deals with property taxation. Their main agenda is to help businesses handle their taxation issues. Vantage One has maintained its impeccable reputation because of its highly skilled team of professionals. They bring together people from different fields namely real estate brokers, lawyers who have specialized in the taxation law, CPAs, Licensed in-house property tax professionals and valuation professionals.

Common Tax Issues in Real Estate 

Filling taxation forms can be a daunting task especially to the continually changing tax laws. Apart from the different tax laws in the country, a business making a property purchase is likely to face some of the following problems.

  • High administrative costs. Unlike the other types of taxes, the property tax lacks efficiency and is also difficult to navigate.

  • Property taxes play a big part in discouraging improvements of homes. Once an individual has made some improvement, they are likely to face higher assessment which results in higher taxes. However, there is an opportunity to make property tax appeals to receive a lower assessment.

  • The taxation system is different depending on the state. Therefore, some states have higher taxation than others which may scare away any prospective.

    Services Offered by Vantage One Tax Solutions

Vantage One is aware of all these issues, and that is why their services come highly recommended. The company’s team of personnel is familiar with the taxation laws in all 50 states within the U.S. They also work with businesses with large complex properties by doing the property evaluation using their systems. Several factors may influence property taxation. That is why Vantage One takes an active approach to exploring all these elements to help you maintain the value of your property. Vantage One understands that technology is changing rapidly and, therefore, they try to incorporate the new technologies to make work easier. 


Taxation in real estate is unavoidable. However, the approach that you take in handling it will determine the cost you incur. Due to the complexity of the taxation of properties, a lot of businesses are opting to rent. But with the right services, your property taxation can become easy.