Samsung pay – a most useful service in Dubai

Before going towards Samsung pay first of all we will discuss a complete history of mobile phone invention as mobiles were very rare in a start. We all know that old mobile sets with a long antenna on the top were used in the initial era of the mobile phone industry. There was also a huge problem to settle down the signals with these mobiles and a few hours of battery, life was also a big problem because those mobile phones took a long time to charge but only used for few hours. These mobile phones were also very expensive to purchase as well as very costly to use because it charged a huge bill on a very small call. But with the passage of time, different companies have come into the technology market and competition had started that boosted the mobile industry and now we see a different type of multinational corporations in the form of Samsung, Apple, and Nokia. These smartphones were the top-selling products in the market in Dubai as well as in rest of the world due to their extraordinary functions and services. These mobile phone companies’ providers also improved the internet over the time and now they are providing their own internet packages. Here we only discuss the Samsung services. As you, all know that Samsung has become a brand in the world and it is very competitive in the mobile phone market. Well, it is worth mentioning here the complete story of Samsung pay.

Samsung pay – Top banks of Dubai 

If we see the exact picture of modern technologies like Samsung pay the first and foremost important people behind the innovation of mobile phones and the latest innovation like Samsung pay are the bankers and top banks of Dubai. Banks of Dubai have played a vital role in mobile revolution, Samsung pay would not exist if it was not used by the banks of Dubai. When Dubai was going to make an industrial and trade hub these banks learned about the potential of mobile banking like Samsung pay in early stages. Now this attitude and innovative mindset behind banking led us to the revolution that is now called Samsung pay that is very unique and distinguish from all other services. Other than the banks, the software industry has also advocates and played a crucial role in innovating the tech world. Now what we see Samsung pay, PayPal and Google pay all are software applications. Now form these services like Samsung pay has speed up the things and so as banking sector of Dubai utilized these services according to the exact demand of their customers. Now there are two type of software systems in mobile phone industry that are most popular, one is android and other iOS. Android is working by Samsung and other smartphones and similarly Samsung pay is only available through Android software’s. The other is apple that only works through an iOS system and apple pay is also the same like Samsung pay but if we compare the both Samsung pay is most popular according to its less rate and also a number of customers that are much greater than iOS users. Samsung first used the NFC technology in2010, and it was not the first time a company used NFC because many companies used this technology but not so much successful than Samsung pay. Established in 1983, NFC was adopted by different companies and same as used by Samsung in the form of Samsung pay.

Samsung Pay in Dubai – Mashreq bank services

Mashreq bank is considered one of the oldest bank in the town. When Samsung Pay was released in the market for the local population, people can use Samsung phones as credit cards, and debit cards via Samsung pay. All online transactions made possible through Samsung pay. With so much Samsung pay offers banks like Mashreq Samsung pay in Dubai, UAE has started many services.  Samsung pay is only used on phones that are almost of new Samsung releases; with at least 11 Samsung phone supporting Samsung pay. One can access complete detail about Samsung pay through official website of Mashreq bank.

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Samsung pay has made all banking transactions and payment of bills very easy and, Mashreq bank also provide Samsung pay account.